CAS/JTAC Training


Tactical Air Support (TacAir) provides the most qualified, current, and combat-experienced military aviation experts in the industry.


Imagine solutions to training requirements that are both affordable and quickly available on a flexible, rapid-response DoD contract vehicle.


Requirements for qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) continue to grow, while military aircraft available to support training continue to decline.


The global training group within TacAir, uniquely positioned to provide highly specialized training for our international partners.

Requirements for qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) continue to grow, while active duty combat aircraft to support training requirements continue to decline. Contracted Close Air Support (CCAS) is a proven solution, and TacAir has unmatched capability to provide both advanced tactical capability and cost-effective training support.

U.S. and allied nations need aircraft sorties to meet JTAC training syllabus requirements for simulated and live close air support (CAS) instructional events. TacAir has the aircraft and aircrew to conduct digitally-aided, simulated and live CAS missions in compliance with JTAC training requirements. Our support includes:

For primary and fighter lead-in flight training, we have the EMB-312F Tucano, a turboprop training aircraft with flying performance similar to the T-6.

For simulated CAS missions that require jet performance that matches attack speeds and profiles of the A-10, TacAir provides our upgraded L-29 aircraft with secure comms, NVGs, and IR markers.

For more targeted training that requires quality training at a lower price point, we have acquired the Marchetti SF-260TP, a light CAS/Counter Insurgency (COIN) platform that has seen combat in several countries. This platform can perform SIMCAS under its standard airworthiness certificate, and has factory and military clearances for BDU-33 / Mk 76 and 2.75″ rocket employment. We will be equipping the SF-260TP with an EO/IR sensor, IR marker, and Video Downlink.

TacAir provides aircrew from our cadre of former Weapons School Instructors. This group of full-time employees includes two current Forward Air Controllers (Airborne) (FAC(A)).

Our aircrew include those still flying with the Reserves, and all of our pilots and Weapon System Officers (WSOs) work on a daily basis with strike fighter weapons and tactics development.

TacAir realizes the critical need for CCAS aircrew to mirror current Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP). Our aircrew have specialized in standard Joint CAS TTPs as well as Special Operations CAS TTPs.

TacAir has the flexibility to base our aircraft at a variety of locations. As a nationwide company, we can base our assets close to the customer to minimize ferry costs, transit times, and maximize time-on-station.

We can bring our capability to the customer, to provide cost savings on travel, per diem, and OPTEMPO for our busy combat forces. Based on our aircraft short-field capability and small support footprint, we can almost always find a suitable airfield within 25 nm of the customer’s training range.

TacAir can also operate from military installations, allowing reduced fuel costs, classified briefings, and face-to-face debriefs.

Contract Vehicles
Customers often have short timelines to get critically needed CCAS. TacAir has multiple existing rapid-response contracting vehicles.
– GSA Alliant
– Warfighter FOCUS
– Seaport-E
Advanced notification of potential support requirements is important, but we have managed to make it from receipt of Statement of Work to Mission Support in less than two weeks.

Safety and Reliability
TacAir has operated aircraft both in the U.S. and internationally since 2005. TacAir operates highly reliable aircraft to minimize training down time and maximize training event generation. TacAir is operating at a 1000 flight-hour-per-year pace, and in all our contracts we have missed only a single sortie to date.

Recent Past Performance
Navy Special Warfare JTAC training exercise in El Centro, CA using L-29 aircraft for A-10 and F-16 CAS simulation.
CAS support detachment to Savannah, GA with L-29.
CAS support detachment to McChord AFB with two L-29s simulating F-15Es. Included day/night CAS, secure comms, NVGs, and laser pointer ops.
CAS support detachment to Ft. Bragg, NC. Provided over 4 hours of on-station time per mission.


Tactical Air Support, Inc. (TacAir) is a small business consisting of former fighter weapons school and operational commanders, instructors and test pilots, providing the benefits of a cost-effective commercial center of excellence. TacAir mirrors the mission areas of a fighter weapons school. With an operationally current instructor cadre, we provide advanced flight training, subject matter expertise, tactics development & evaluation, and academic training.


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