Tactical Air Support (TacAir) provides the most qualified, current, and combat-experienced military aviation experts in the industry.


Imagine solutions to training requirements that are both affordable and quickly available on a flexible, rapid-response DoD contract vehicle.


Requirements for qualified Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) continue to grow, while military aircraft available to support training continue to decline.


The global training group within TacAir, uniquely positioned to provide highly specialized training for our international partners.

We see a continuing trend of countries needing to augment or improve their tactical aircrew training in order to maintain or improve combat capability in the face of declining defense budgets. Tactical Air Support, Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide specialized training to maximize your investment in combat aviation systems and hardware.
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TacAir has 21 weapons school instructors to provide ground-based simulator and airborne flight training in air-to-air, air-to-ground, and electronic attack mission areas. Specific capabilities include:

• Simulator academics and courseware development
• Fighter Lead-in Training
• Weapons School creation or support
• Adversary support
• Night-Vision Goggle Training
• Close Air Support Training
To nations looking to increase interoperability with U.S., NATO, and Coalition forces in order to promote strategic partnerships, TacAir offers a leadership and instructor cadre with extensive experience leading Joint and Coalition Forces in real-world contingency operations. TacAir aircrew have amassed over 4000 combat hours as strike leaders, mission commanders, Air Wing Commanders and Marine Aircraft Group Commanders. Combat operations have included:
• Desert Storm
• Allied Force
• Operation Iraqi Freedom
• Operation Enduring Freedom
• Libya No-Fly Zone Enforcement
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TacAir specializes in advanced tactical training and provides the quickest improvement in combat capability by leveraging our vast combat and training experience. Whether a particular country needs qualified tactics instructors to quickly fill a pilot shortage, or they are upgrading to new aircraft with improved capabilities or advanced weapons systems, TacAir can meet your training needs. We are especially well qualified to help build graduate-level Strike-Fighter and Electronic Attack training programs that can become self-sufficient within 2-4 years. Our staff of permanent, full-time employees has the following:
• Experience: TacAir pilots average more than 3,000 flight hours in fighter aircraft
• Qualifications: 21 former Weapons School Instructors
• Unparalleled expertise in Train-the-Trainer skill sets


Tactical Air Support, Inc. (TacAir) is a small business consisting of former fighter weapons school and operational commanders, instructors and test pilots, providing the benefits of a cost-effective commercial center of excellence. TacAir mirrors the mission areas of a fighter weapons school. With an operationally current instructor cadre, we provide advanced flight training, subject matter expertise, tactics development & evaluation, and academic training.


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