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Support for Innovative Use of ANG Predator to Fight Wildfires

August to September 2013 – Tactical Air Support, Inc. (TacAir) provided safety chase for the California ANG Predator UAVs, playing an important role during the outbreak of wildfires in Southern California. Departing from strictly DoD missions, the Predators were called upon to provide around-the-clock surveillance of the fire boundaries, hotspots, and threatened areas—this required nearly a month of high-priority UAV chase missions to escort the Predators safely to and from restricted airspace and allow the unmanned platforms to safely operate in the National Airspace System.

Since 2010, TacAir has flown 1,600 hours of Predator support missions in their Mooney 20E and Cirrus SR20 aircraft, and in four years has not missed a sortie. TacAir attributes this success to their dedicated team of aircrew flying from the Apple Valley, CA airport, and is proud to support the CA ANG as they continue to find new ways to use their skills and equipment for the benefit of their State.

- By Gerry Gallop (Tactical Air Support, Inc.)

Companion Aircraft for CA ANG Predator Pilots

February 2013 – The California Air National Guard (ANG) 163d Reconnaissance Wing (RW) awarded Tactical Air Support, Inc. (TacAir) a 4-year contract to provide a Cirrus SR20 aircraft, which was produced specifically to match the configuration of the Cirrus model used by the Air Force Academy Flight Screening Program. TacAir manages the ownership, maintenance, instruction, hangar and fueling of the aircraft for the ANG. The 163d RW pilots fly the modern, glass-cockpit equipped SR20, which has similar flight performance as the Predator. This contract will keep approximately 35 ANG pilots current and proficient for the next four years.

- By Gerry Gallop (Tactical Air Support, Inc.)

UAV Chase Contract Renewal

January 2013 – Tactical Air Support, Inc. (TacAir) is awarded option year three on a four-year contract in support of the California Air National Guard’s 163d Reconnaissance Wing (RW). The contract provides four years of Predator UAV chase support. To date TacAir has flown 1600 hours in support of the 163d RW with no missed sorties.

- By Gerry Gallop (Tactical Air Support, Inc.)
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