TacAir FLeets

Northrop F-5 E/F

The TacAir upgraded F-5E is a single seat, twin-engine, highly maneuverable, supersonic, all weather tactical fighter and attack aircraft.  Northrop Corporation developed the F-5 aircraft as a cost effective, easily maintainable light fighter, introducing the F-5E in 1972.  TacAir imported 21 Jordanian F-5Es in spring 2017, with a focus on 4thgeneration aggressor capability upgrades. The result is a comprehensive systems upgrade, utilizing technology specifically tailored to replicate existing and emerging threat aircraft.  Improvements include:  Duotech’s purpose built Nemesis radar, mission computer, threat weapons engagement zone (WEZ) replication software suite, purpose built Duotech’s Argus Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) gear, Mason modern hands on throttle and stick (HOTAS), Color multi-function display (MFD), Garmin moving map display, and the addition of internal architecture enabling easy integration of an external or internal jammer, captive missiles, IRST, P5 pod, and myriad air to ground ordinance.

The F-5F is the two-seat version of the F-5E with the same capabilities and upgrade roadmap.

General Characteristics

Contractor: Northrop Grumman.

Propulsion: (2) J85-GE-21C turbojet engines each producing 5,000 pounds (2,273 kg) of thrust.

Length: F-5E: 48 feet 2 inches (14.7 meters); F-5F: 51 feet 8 inches (15.7 meters).

Height: F-5E: 13 feet 4.25 inches (4.1 meters); F-5F: 13 feet 1.75 inches (4.0 meters).

Wingspan: F-5E/F: 26 feet 8 inches (8.1 meters).

Weight: F-5E/F-5F: Maximum Design Takeoff Weight is 24,722 pounds (11,214 kg). Maximum Design

Zero Fuel Weight is 9,723 pounds (4,410 kg).

Airspeed: 1.62 (M) in clean configuration level @ 36K’, max thrust; 1.2 (M) @ sea level, max thrust

Ceiling: 52,000 feet, 46,000 feet with one EW pod

Turn Rate Instantaneous: 17.4 deg/sec @ 370 KIAS

Turn Rate Sustained:  9.8 deg/sec @ 390 KIAS

Turn Radius:  2300 feet @ 250 KIAS

Max Range: 900 + NM

Loiter Time: 1.5 hours